NEWS 2014


We visited orthoped specialist MVDr. Duchek 
Forseti´s Cola Vanilla- patella 0/0
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy- patella 0/0
16.11.2014 Chickasha, Oklahoma/ USA
Forseti´s Eleanor Rigby- Select bitch+ another 2 pts for Grand USCh.
15.-16.11.2014 2x IDS Bijelo Polje/ Pljevla ( Montenegro)
It was very long and successfull journey for our us!
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Forseti´s Gentle Breeze- exc.1, JCAC, JBOB
Forseti´s Cola Vanilla- exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy- exc.1, CAC, CACIB
Forseti´s Gentle Breeze- exc.1, JCAC, JBOB, 2. BIS Junior
Forseti´s Cola Vanilla- exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
Tony fullfilled conditions for Champion and Grandchampion of Montenegro!
Dali fullfiled conditions for Juniorchampion and Grandjuniorhampion of Montenegro! 
Linda fullfilled conditions for Champion of Montenegro!
9.11.2014 NDS Torre Pacheco/ Spain
Forseti´s Gangsta Colada "Julie" got at the first show in 10 months:
exc.1, JCAC, Best female, BOB!!! We are super proud! 
14.10.2014 Our puppies were born! We have 2x HL boys and 1x HL girl! 
HL female- Hana Lei Bay
HL male- Hoshi No Senshi
HL male- Hocus Pocus
We expecting puppies in end of October!
21.9.2014 NDS Zielona Gora/ Poland
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy - exc.1, CWC
6.9. 2014 
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy got his breeding licence! He is prcd PRA, PLL and CERF clear!
13.+ 14.8.2014 Italy
IDS Udine and Gradisca D´Isonzo
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy- 2x CAC, 2X CACIB, 1X BOB!
2.8.2014 Leuven/ Belgium
Forseti´s Electric Jam
exc.1, CAC
26.7.2014 Club show Walbrzych/ Poland
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy- exc.1, CWC
Tony had show debut in "adult" class and he did a great job in ring! 
5.7.2014 CLUB SHOW Lihos/ Belgium
Forseti´s Electric Jam- exc. 1, BOS
29.6.2014 Oklahoma City/ USA
Forseti´s Gorgeous Whatever at his first show won BEST TOY PUPPY in group! 
Forseti´s Eleanor Rigby - Best of Opposite Sex for second Major towards her Grand Champion!
IDS Lommel/ Belgium
Forseti´s Electric Jam- exc.2, res. CAC
RDS Rokycany
Forseti´s Creola Rosette- exc.1, Class winner
26.5. 2014
Forseti´s Eleanor Rigby - Select bitch!
I m really proud!
Forseti´s Baywatch Babe
Forseti´s Cola Vanilla
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy
are CERF clear!
18.5.2014 Wieselburg/ Austria
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy
exc.1, Jugendbester
Tony is new Juniorchampion of Austria!
18.5.2014 Koroska/ Slovenia
Forseti´s Gummy Bear
very promising 1- it was his first show debut!
Congratulations to Manja!

10.5.2014 Denton/ Texas

Forseti´s Eleanor Rigby got Best of Winners+ 2 final points!

She fullfilled conditions for American champion!
I m very proud! 
20.4.2014 Krumbach/ Germany
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy 
exc.1, jg. CAC+ VDH, judge: Carole Garhofer
12.4.2014 Antwerpen/ Belgium
Forseti´s Electric Jam
exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB
12.-13.4.2014 Grudziadz+ Inowroclaw/ Poland
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy
exc.1, Zw.Ml. judge: Mariola Zuchlinska
exc,1, Zw.Ml.+ Junior BOB, judge: Maciej Kozber
Tony fullfilled conditions for Juniorchampion of Poland!
5.-6.4.2014 Salzburg/ Austria
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy 
exc. 1, Jugendbester + BOS , judge: Michael Forte/ Ireland
exc.1, Jugendbester+ BOS, judge: Brenda Banbury/ GB
22.-23.3.2014 Erfurt/ Germany
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy 
exc. 1, Jg. CAC+ VDH
exc.2, res. Jg. CAC+ VDH
It was successful day for our babies in different countries! I can´t be more proud!
Zielona Gora/ Poland
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy 
exc.1, Zw. Ml., Junior BOB
Limassol/ Cyprus
Forseti´s Dazzle´N´Dazze
3x exc.1, CAC
 BOB+ BIG 2!!!
She is new Champion of Bulgaria, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Pakistan!
Wichita Falls/ USA
Forseti´s Eleanor Rigby
Winners Bitch + 2 points
8.2.2014 Midland/ Texas USA
Forseti´s Eleanor Rigby got Best of Winners and Best of Breed for her second major!
We are very proud of Journey and April!
IDS Genk/ Belgium
Forseti´s Electric Jam got exc. 1 in junior class!
Congratulations to Arlette! 
5.2.2014 New photos of our puppies!
some puppies will available

31.1.2014 Forseti´s A Fifteen Cherries - CERF clear!

26.1.2014 IDS Glogow/ Poland
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy- exc. 2
18.1.2014 IDS Trencin/ Slovakia
Forseti´s Fine´N´Dandy  exc. 1, CAJC, Best of Breed!
It was Tony´s first show! We are very proud of him!
Our puppies were born! 
1x HL female
2x HL male
1x PP female
2x PP male
27.12.2013 Moheda ( Sweden) unofficial show
Forseti´s Foreign Affair "Pippi" - BOB, 1. BIG, 5. BIS!
14.12.2013 Amsterdam Winner 
Forseti´s Flamboyant Mistress "Aranka" - very promising 2
Prague- Forseti´s Cola Vanilla got her breeding licence
It was really successful weekend for our babies - Jimmy and his sister Pulka!
Lecce (Italy): Forseti´s Daggers Point 
7.12.2013 exc. 1, CAC, BOB 
8.12.2013 exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 
Cyprus: Forseti´s Dazzle´N´Daze
7.12.2013 exc. 1, CAC, BOB + BIG 2! 
7.12.2013 exc.1, CAC, BOB+ Best in speciality show! 
Congratulations to their owners Valeria and Efrosini!
3.12.2013 We expecting puppies !
Pedigree of future babies:
Both parents are prcd PRA, PLL and CERF clear!
Don´t hesitate contact me for more informations!